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We support school members through our young entrepreneur awards each year where 1 recipient from each member school is awarded a monetary prize for being the schools Young Entrepreneur.

Young Entrepreneur Awards - 2018

Balmoral State High School – Paige Booth Year 12 student

Paige demonstrates leadership through her role as School Vice-Captain and achieves to a very high standard in her Accounting & Legal studies and intends going to University to study Law/Commerce next year.

Cannon Hill Anglican College – Haili Lawton Year 7 student

Haili has designed a pet collar to protect pets – Protect Ur Pet. The collar has a camera, sensor and GPS tracker and has 3 protective modes of run, glow and vibrate for your pet. The collar has a connecting App which allows the pet’s owner to change and adjust the settings. Haili has created a website and the funds will go towards upgrading the site and the App.

Loreto College - Sophie Plumridge Year 12 student

Sophie has achieved outstanding results in her year 12 academic studies having been awarded a Very High Achievement in both Accounting and Economics, with a rung placement in this band of 10. This is the highest result any student can receive in a Senior School Subject. Sophie hopes to study a Bachelor of Business specialising in Finance or Accountancy at QUT next year. Her goal is to take her passion for business and entrepreneurship to an International level.

Loreto College – Chelsea Wood

Chelsea has shown a natural aptitude for entrepreneurship achieving a VHA achievement in both Accounting and Economics. She is planning to study Business/Commerce at university next year. Chelsea presented a 300 word paper on why business education is important as part of her selection for the award. The following is an excerpt from her piece
‘Business isn’t just a subject I can choose to take at school or university, it is the backbone to how our modern world works. It’s the foundation of how our communities thrive and how we can ensure our lifestyles are sustainable. A business education provides the fundamental concepts and processes to small and big companies in order to help them compete and succeed in the modern world’

Whites Hill State College – Sarah Britten Year 12 student

Sarah has commenced an affiliate marketing start up producing Youtube videos, initially on teenagers struggling with skin problems. She intends using affiliate marketing links in the description field that will send interested viewers to the product sites where they can purchase trusted products she recommends. Any sales produce an affiliate commission and once sufficient funds are generated she intends creating her own brand.