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President's Report

- President's Report

SEBCC President Rebecca Llewelyn

Welcome to autumn everyone! It was a terrific turnout for Breakfast at Sunrise with our guest speaker Tom Freer from Wyntec. Tom spoke about the importance of human’s roles in cyber security. Comparing with the past decades, we receive a larger number of spam emails everyday. Some of them sneakily target at data stored in our computers, and some others are staring at the money in our accounts. These spam emails may come from a friend, supplier, client that you think you are familiar with, however dangers are just hiding behind the familiar things. During Tom’s speech, he gave us many effective ways to recognize these “bad guys” and protect your assets from becoming a target.

Our Business of the Month was Allan Hanson from Arcinvest. Though the years Allan has been consistently working on developing a reliable investment philosophy. He has come across many different types of investing and has kept an open mind about them all, as he researched and studied them. After all these years Allan has found the most reliable, consistent, and best returning method for long term investment is Value Investing. This method is based on buying good, solid, reliable business with a good income stream, a durable competitive advantage and good management for a reasonable price with a margin of safety, and holding onto them.

If you would like to showcase your business as a Business of the Month please contact me.

Have a great month in business!

Rebecca Llewelyn

President SEBCC

Expressions of Interest - SEBCC Board Position

The SEBCC Board would like to seek ‘Expressions Of Interest' from any current members who are interested in taking on a position on the board of directors, beginning the 2022 financial year. 

Some of the benefits of being on the SEBCC board of directors includes:

  • Greater community involvement
  • Having a voice in the direction of the chamber
  • Connecting with local and state government officials
  • Opportunity to connect directly with current and future SEBCC members 
  • Having input into the direction of small business initiatives through our connections with CCIQ and local governments

If you are interested in serving the SEBCC members and would like to hold a position on the board, we request that you to write a brief synopsis outlining why you feel you could contribute as a board member and email it to info@sebcc.com.au.  Please ensure that your EOI is submitted by no later than 5.00pm, Friday 7th May 2021.

The Board will consider all expressions of interest and advise the members of the decision immediately after the June 2020 board meeting.

President's Report