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President's Report

Another great Breakfast at Sunrise event this month.
Neil Glentworth has successfully built three businesses from his kitchen table (literally) to highly respected and sought-after national companies.
As well as being engaging, his presentation was insightful. He attributed his business success to just three key principles - paying it forward, people do business with people, and integrity.
From such great wisdom shared, there was a lively Q&A afterwards with many great questions coming from our audience. 
These were a few of my take-aways from the day: 
  • Keep customers as the main thing because people do business with people.
  • Hire people based on their values because you can’t instil that - don’t compromise on the quality of people you want. 
  • Price is only an issue in the absence of value
  • Be wary of being too cheap - make sure your value proposition is clear, be clear on how you serve you market and add value to them.
It was also great to meet the new business owners in the room. I'm really proud of our Chamber as the feedback I most regularly get is how welcoming and friendly it is - particularly for new people coming in. 
Our Chamber is about connecting, inspiring and engaging. Connecting with each other, Inspiration for what's possible, and engaging with our local business and school community. 
If you also believe that connecting, inspiring and engaging communities are an integral part of a strong business community, then please help us to grow our chapter by inviting your local business network along. The greater our community, the greater the opportunity for everyone. 

Small Business Expo
It's been a busy week with the Small Business Expo held on Thursday. 
Congratulations to Paula Brand and the team for a great event. It was a real celebration of business, and it was also great to see it supported by the Brisbane City Council, ASBAS, and other local chambers. From the conversations I had, lots of business was passed, so if you weren't involved, but are wanting to grow your business, I'd be sure to mark it in your calendar for next year!
The budget has been handed down and now all eyes are on the Prime Minister as we wait for him to call the election. 
Yes, we are small business owners - but together we are the 2nd largest employer in the country (after government).
As a fractured group, it's easy for our needs to be put aside.
Together, though, we are mighty.
That's why I strongly encourage everyone to register their support for the Small Business is a Big Deal campaign.
The campaign calls on the next Federal Government to address three key issues:
1. Workplace Relations: Help employers and employees work better together
Ensure our workplace laws work for small businesses and their employees, with simpler rules to make it easier to create jobs and run businesses well
2. Energy: Deliver affordable, reliable energy with lower emissions
Encourage more investment and more competition so the price of power comes down and stays down, while ensuring the lights stay on and emissions come down
3. Skills: Stop the collapse in skills
Invest more in vocational education and training so in three years there are 350,000 more students being funded

Visit to register your support and find out more. 

ANZAC, Easter and Labour Day Public Holidays 2019 
On 1 December 2016, an amendment to the Holidays Act 1983 was passed by Parliament prescribing that from 2017, Easter Sunday be appointed as a public holiday. 
This means that an employee working on Easter Sunday is to be paid public holiday rates as specified in their relevant Modern Award or Enterprise Agreement. 
The dates for the Easter break in 2019 are: 
  • Good Friday: 19 April
  • The day after Good Friday: Saturday 20 April
  • Easter Sunday: 21 April
  • Easter Monday: 22 April
ANZAC Day 2019 
ANZAC Day this year falls on Thursday 25 April 2019. 
SEBCC members should be aware that full and part time employees who would have ordinarily been rostered to work on this public holiday are entitled to be absent from employment without loss of pay on these prescribed days. Should an employee be required to work during these public holidays, the employee must be paid the appropriate public holiday penalty rates. 
SEBCC recommends employers review the National Employment Standards, their relevant Modern Award/s or Enterprise Agreement for further information on public holidays. 

Labour Day
On 13 October 2015 amendments to the Holidays Act 1983 were passed by Parliament prescribing that from 2016, Labour Day public holiday is to be observed on the first Monday in May and the Birthday of the Sovereign (Queen’s Birthday) public holiday is to be observed on the first Monday in October. 
In 2019 Labour Day falls on Monday 6th May. 
For further information on public holidays in Queensland please see the link below: 

President's Report