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President's Report

A great presentation this month from Dr Irena Yashin-Shaw on Leading in the Innovation Age . The success of any business, enterprise or organisation is dependent on the quality of its leadership. The presentation asked the question do traditional leadership models which focus on managing people and processes have limited value in todays world of disruption. Irena explained that todays leaders need to be able to empower themselves and others to be influential change makers. She also discussed the seven leadership skills that will enable you to create an innovative workplace.

  1. Entrepreneurialism
  2. Democratisation
  3. Utilisation
  4. Creativity
  5. Adaptability
  6. Thinking Strategically
  7. Engagement
Irena has books on the topics and you can find out more by visiting her website

Our business of the Month was Quest Apartments Cannon Hill with Jarrod Gwynne and Paul Booth enlightening us on their business. The building was recently completed and has 100 apartments , gymnasium, pool and business conference facilities.

As an Incorporated Association the SEBCC is run and operated by a committee and each year it has an Annual General Meeting to elect a new committee.  If anyone is interested in joining the committee for the next 12 months please contact myself.

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Join us next month at Business at Sunrise for something a little different with a Q&A session.

Have a great month in Business.

Ray Strong

President's Report