Business at Sunrise – Tuesday, 7th July 2016

Paul Spinks – Thrivetime Seminar Series

You may be certified to do the job, but how certified are you at life itself?  This will determine your effectiveness in the workplace! This breakfast presentation will offer a very different perspective on all things relating to your mental and physical health, including your overall wellbeing in the workplace and at home. Paul brings with him a lifetime of Counselling and Paramedicine and will take you on a no-nonsense journey of what becomes of our lives if we fail to redirect our internal compasses.

This presentation provides an introduction to Wisdom Factory’s Thrivetime Seminar Series, hits the hot buttons on all of us and provides a way to avoid becoming shadows of our former selves when the cracks in our mental and physical health are ignored or unidentified.  There will be some chilling stories shared, taken from the treating chair of an Ambulance, that puts perspective into our lives. 

This is a thought-provoking presentation and is not for the faint hearted!  It promises to leave you with some new and improved thinking and choices to consider. It will leave little doubt that (according to statistics) for every $1.20 we spend on wellbeing, we can reap a $2.20 return in productiveness!  

Recent delivery of the full seminar to BHP employees was given more than 90% approval rating as a must attend event. ” The first time (ever) I have been to a work place seminar where every attendee was riveted and listened to every word spoken.” ~ a BHP seminar attendee.