Business at Sunrise – Tuesday 1st March 2016

Don Graham – CASHFLOWNAV Factor

If you, your clients, or your friends, have ever had to tackle cashflow issues, then March’s presentation is for you.
Don Graham, Managing Director of BUSINESSNAV, will be presenting from the “5 Financial Must Do’s” and will introduce chamber members to CASHFLOWNAV Factor – the formula that applies a ‘weight test’ to businesses in measuring cash flow health.  
The Factor identifies how much cash a business will gain or lose as growth is applied, providing a valuable insights into where to focus on ‘leaning up’ operations to improve cash flow outcomes.  This will be a valuable snapshot of the Finance Simulation from the highly acclaimed UQ Business School Owner Manager Program.
Don is the founder of growth business advisory firm, BUSINESSNAV, and creator of the Australian Mining Services CASHFLOWNAV Index, and CASHFLOWNAV – a suite of web-based applications helping business owners and managers ‘Navigate Growth’.  
To enhance the value of this session make sure to have a copy of your most recent accountant’s financials tucked away in your bag, so you can calculate your own cash flow structure, right there and then!
Join us for this fantastic event at the Colmslie Hotel on Tuesday, 1st March at 6:30am.